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The Door Repairman, Inc.                               
Commercial Door Repair and  Replacement
  • Commercial quality parts
  • Pivots, Closers, Thresholds, Sweeps 
  • Hinges, Handles, Panics, Caulking
  • Aluminum storefronts, Hollow metal doors, Wood doors. 
  • Weather stripping - commercial grade.
  • We fix doors that are misaligned, or closing too fast or slow.
  • Free Consultation in the Lansing Area.
  • We can help you. 
  • Over 20 years Commercial Experience
  • Local 
     Repair/replace  commercial doors, frames, hinges, pivots, thresholds,       panics, caulking, weather stripping, misalignment, won't close, close too fast, replace rusted metal doors, aluminum doors. We do it all. Professional. Experienced. Insured. LOCAL.  

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Weather Stripping
Entire door and frame replacement